Monday, July 13, 2015

Meet the Away Team; Part 1.

Team Engineer, Greg Morgan

Greg Morgan works as an Engineer in Bellingham, WA. He heard about One Sherpa Home from a neighbor of mine. Greg was already looking for an opportunity to help the people of Nepal following the earth quakes of April 2015 and, being a hands-on guy, was intrigued with the notion of rebuilding a home. We met for a beer at Boundary Bay Brewery and talked through the mission of One Sherpa Home, it's challenges, and the areas where Greg's skills would prove valuable. He called me back a few weeks later, having obtained the support of family and approval of his employer, Amorterra. Greg was in!

Greg has spent time hiking, trekking, and climbing in moderate altitude. So he understands acclimation and should have no difficulty with the 13,000 ft elevation of Phortse.

Team Realtor, Ed Hanley
I can't make the case that One Sherpa Home needs a Realtor, even one as excellent as Ed Hanley. But we do need Ed. I have known him for almost 30 years and immediately thought of Ed when I started brainstorming who I would ask to join our Away Team. Fit, energetic, focused, and a generally great guy to hang out with, Ed seemed like a perfect team member for a mission that will require flexibility and an even temperament.

We met for a beer and talked through my proposition. I could tell Ed was already on board before I had finished. But he wisely sought the support of family before calling two days later to formally accept my invitation.

I will introduce other Away Team members in future entries. But in the mean time you should check out this wonderful short video featuring the life of a Sherpa Porter.
Just click here>>>>>>>>Sherpa Video

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