Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Board of Directors

I met with the Board of Directors for One Sherpa Home a week ago and they approved several expenditures for supplies we need to order now; wire gabions, lumber, rebar, and tools. Our Board is awesome! ...and I'm not just saying that because they approved my expenses. Check it out;

This is Jeff Arvin. Jeff started the Cascade Joinery many years back, which became the builder of choice in this region for high end homes designed with old world finishes. He could probably build a nuclear reactor solely from cope and notch joints. Today he is President of The Timber Framers Guild, a national organization of like-minded craftsmen.

Jeff organized an effort to build an outdoor performance venue in memorium of a friend, a harmonica musician, who died too young. So philanthropy and construction have come together in Jeff's life prior to joining One Sherpa Home.

This is Scott Davis. Scott is a CPA, Drummer, and neighbor of mine. Many years ago I managed the 401K for a company Scott worked at. One day they fired me for not being Canadian enough. Soon after that Scott quit. I like to think he did so to show his support for me, though he never indicated the two things were related.

Scott's house was built by Jeff. What are the chances?

This is Bob Goodwin. Bob was the producer of the hit TV series, The X Files. There is nothing about that skill set that translates to what we are trying to do. But Bob is also a comedian (he performed on The Merv Griffin show) and what Board of Directors can't use a laugh or two? I was cast in a commercial Bob filmed a few years back and we had a lot of fun. Bob likes to pepper me with profanity when he calls my office, all the while knowing professional decorum prevents me from returning in kind.

This is a stethoscope. I lifted this image from the web because I couldn't find a picture of Dr. Bruce Bowden. Bruce is a dermatologist and if he has any connection with the other members of the board, HIPAA regulations would prevent him from saying so. This is lucky for Scott, who I'm pretty sure has had some work done to have that boyish face. Bruce is a trekker, journalist, and occasional mountain climber. He was one of first people to take an interest in my climbing blogs. This, combined with his disdain for The Moody Blues, tells me Bruce is a man of refined taste.

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