Wednesday, August 12, 2015

OSH Team Physician

Dr. Clark Parrish.
I built a beach cottage on the briny shores of Lopez Island many years ago. When I say "a lot of blood and sweat went into it" I'm not just talking figuratively. Self-inflicted injuries occurred with such frequency that I probably learned more about first aid than carpentry. So it goes that the first thing I thought of when imagining this home building project was medical assistance.

When I first asked Clark to join our Away Team he had already committed to serve a Doctors Without Borders stint in Bhutan during the spring of 2016. But I knew he had a deep connection with the people and place of Nepal, and his warm genuine way made him a perfect team member for OSH, so I took a shot. Clark accepted.

Clark has hiked throughout Nepal and also spent time at altitude. He is well versed in the typical maladies that befall trekkers and climbers, and will also be equipped to lend a hand if we should find the Sherpas of Phortse in need of medical attention in the aftermath of the earth quakes and monsoon season.

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