Sunday, June 14, 2015

First report from Phortse

Trevor returned to Namche last night and began posting the first images of the earth quakes destruction in Phortse. Scenes like the one above were all too common. Buildings like this one will be salvaged for their windows and doors, then torn to the ground. 

This home was probably doing OK until that giant boulder (now sitting in the living room) came crashing down into it. 

The monastery in Phortse held up quite well. 
But the school did not. 
Ditto the community center. 
Mingma's outhouse and rain barrel survived just fine. 
But his home, not so much. Walls that didn't come down entirely were so structurally damaged that they may as well have. 
This corner of Mingma's home stood through the quakes, but the fissure running down the side of it promises to drop the adjacent wall onto the roof of his neighbor. 

Part of Mingma's roof has been reinforced and a small corner tarped off inside. However Trevor has judged the structure unsafe for living in and has urged Mingma to keep his family clear. So for now they will last out the monsoon season under a makeshift shelter, improved by Trevor and Mingma, while they wait for our team to arrive this October. And indeed the monsoons have begun. Here is a short clip Trevor posted, announcing the arrival of the rains. 

Mingma and Trevor, visiting the home of Phinjo Sherpa.

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