Saturday, June 20, 2015

Trevor leaves Nepal

Mingma's monsoon shelter.
Now we wait. We wait out the monsoons that will dump four feet of rain upon northern Nepal. The photo above shows the shelter Trevor and Mingma built for his family. They will last out the rains there, until we arrive to begin construction this October. It will be a tough haul for people who have already endured plenty, but now they know help is coming. 

Trevor flew home from Kathmandu today. During his time in Nepal he accomplished everything we had set out to do, and then some.  But the months ahead will be busy times at One Sherpa Home. We will turn over designs to our engineering team, begin ordering materials, consult with our Board, and generate media exposure while our fundraising continues. I will be introducing you to the members of our construction team, and sharing the ins and outs of what goes into building a home at 13,000 feet, half a world away. Stay tuned. 

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