Saturday, June 6, 2015

Trevor arrives in Kathmandu

These are used nails, salvaged from the wreckage of Kathmandu. Trevor posted this photo this morning as he walked about the city. When you have next to nothing, you think long and hard before throwing anything away. That is the people of Nepal right now; resourceful, busy, broke but not broken. I find it easy to help such people. They are in need, but not sitting around waiting for a handout, and there is a dignity to how they conduct themselves in the face of such horrific loss. 

This image shows how a crumbled building is now sorted into a pile of bricks and a pile of busted timbers. 

Unable to re-enter their structurally suspect homes, many Nepalese now live in makeshift shelters. It is doubtful this will change before the monsoons arrive in two weeks. 
Yet, even in this state there is hope. There is faith. And there is room for a smile. 

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