Saturday, June 13, 2015


This is the village of Phortse. It is not a place that enjoys much trekker traffic, so the people here make a very modest living farming their terraced land. But many also supplement their earnings by working as trekking guides or climbing sherpas. These families rely heavily on wages made during the spring season to get them through the following winter. Owing to the tragedies of 2014 and 2015, the spring season of trekking and climbing have, for the most part, not happened. So the 400 people that occupy Phortse, at an elevation of 12,600 feet, are presently both homeless and hungry. 

While our organization plans to build one sherpa home, we hope to impact many sherpa lives. To this end, we will hire approximately 30 local sherpa to help with the construction of Mingma's home this October. We will be paying a daily wage rate considered generous by local standards and, for 9 days hard work, will provide enough money for these workers to feed their families through the winter. 

Trevor made the 5 hour trek from Namche to Phortse 3 days ago. As there is no communication available from Phortse, he has not reported in to One Sherpa Home since time. But we expect to hear from Trevor sometime in the next few days and will post an update here. 


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