Friday, June 19, 2015

Friends in high places.

Networking in Kathmandu.
Trevor has spent the last few days hunkered down at the Hotel Tibet in Kathmandu. Anxious to assemble his findings into a formal report owed to the Board of One Sherpa Home, he has tapped away at his laptop while drinking copious doses of strong Nepalese coffee. This report, now in excess of 25 pages, includes sketches, interviews, measurements, and detailed assessments that will prove vital as we plan our mission in the months ahead. 

But, being Trevor, he has also engaged in extensive networking among locals who share his passion for helping the people of Nepal. Pictured above, Trevor dined recently with "an Everest Guide, top Professors, famous Nepalese actors, the Chief of Police, a world renown surgeon, and the director of Nepal's second largest relief organization." These are good friends to have in a country where the right phone call can make anything happen. 

For my own part, I connected with an important businessman from Vancouver, B.C. during my flight to Munich yesterday. He took particular interest in the mission of One Sherpa Home. When I showed him photos of the devastation in Nepal, the lone crumbling school in Phortse caught his eye. As a member of the West Vancouver School Board, he immediately seized on the teaching opportunity that would exist in adopting the reconstruction of this vital resource  ...One Sherpa School???? We exchanged information with the promise that I would make an Everest Presentation to kick off the discussions. 

Meanwhile, the tragic news of a church shooting in Charleston, S.C. has filled the media and, with it, another national discussion about the darkness we are capable of. But the experiences of Trevor and I attest to a much greater light that shines upon all we humans can be, all that we truly are, and the broad-based caring we pour forth to heal man's wounds. 


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